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World-famous Ventriloquist Senor Soetero and his Puppet “El Presidente”


Dick Blumenthal is a lying sack of bovine excrement

What does Obama think makes comedian Patton Oswalt qualified for the Supreme Court anyway?

Sen Arlen Sphincter presents more evidence for his imminent retirement

Arlen “Poster Child for Early Retirement for Politicians” Specter forgot his party affiliation this week. Can the voters of PA please kick this self-serving ass to the curb and get someone into his seat who is more concerned about citizens than he is about his own political career?

Warning: Obama has determined that this website may be dangerous to democracy

The President’s latest thing is that all this unregulated internet speech is dangerous for democracy.  Since that’s the case, I thought I’d better make this warning to stay your hands and eyes from hellish thought crime.

Arlen Specter: no longer trusted

B’bye, Arlen Specter!



“Education is Epantsipation”: Obama at Hampton Univ May 9 2010

source:  YouTube video of Obama Commencement Speech at Hampton University May 9, 2010