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World-famous Ventriloquist Senor Soetero and his Puppet “El Presidente”


“Education is Epantsipation”: Obama at Hampton Univ May 9 2010

source:  YouTube video of Obama Commencement Speech at Hampton University May 9, 2010

If you take your kids out for ice cream, you’ll get harassed, especially if you kill the other customers!

source: http://www.aurorasentinel.com/articles/2010/04/05/news/metro_aurora/doc4bbab317e0c2a515787987.txt

President Reveals the Truth About his Opposition to Arizona’s new Illegal Alien law

Obama Protests the New AZ Illegal Alien Law

Iceland Volcanoes are not the only source of dangerous hot air

Chris “Tingle Up My Legs” Matthews Reports on the Tea Party