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Amid jeers, Actor Danny Glover Given Dr of Humane Letters for support of Commie Regimes that kill millions

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TEABAGGER: A New Word from those wonderful Democrats who brought you the KKK

The Dimocrats can say anything they want about their history over the past 175 years that includes the spawning of the KKK as their enforcement arm against Republicans and freed slaves, the laws excluding Chinese women from the US, the Japanese internment camps in WWII, the Dixecrats who fought against civil rights, the Dimocrat governors like George Wallace who blocked young black men and women from attending a public university.  They can say that all those things were in  the past and they are now oh so different.  But then you see the horrible things said about Sarah Palin and her family and even the President using the disgusting sexual expression “teabagger” to ridicule not only a majority of Americans who question the direction he is taking our country but also ridicules a seminal event in our Nation’s history that led to the American Revolution. The Dimocrats have a sad history of ridicule, name calling, violence and suppression of fellow Americans. I am a former Democrat who is repulsed by what I see in their behavior.

Radical Friends of Obama #9 in the Series. Hey kids, collect ’em all!

Exposing the Alinskyite Left: Mrs Wright @Wingnutte

Could this troll be any more obvious? Claiming to be a “right winger” and posting outrageous racist and homophobic tweets in a lame and pathetic attempt to discredit conservatives. Typical Alinsky tactics, but not as clever as Alinsky.

Just thought this was really hilarious! He/she/it needs to go back and reread Rules for Radicals, then try again.  Mark this pathetic attempt as FAIL! LOL ROFLMAO!!!!!!!


I’m an adult and I think I can make decisions for myself about consumption of salt and fatty foods and, for that matter, alcohol, caffeinated beverages, soda pop, sugar, tobacco products, and even illicit drugs.  I know that most of those things can have detrimental health effects and so other than the occasional consumption of a bacon cheeseburger, french fries and a beer, the worst thing I choose to do on a regular basis is drink espresso.  I don’t care if other people eat bad food, smoke (except if I have to share the same space with them), or even abuse substances.  It’s none of my business and I don’t tell them to stop doing what they are doing and would resent it if they poked their nose into whatever choices I make.

But now the Guvmint seems to believe that I am incapable of making decisions about these things and need to be protected from myself.  The latest Nanny State idea is to take salt out of food.  This is nothing new.  The so-called “progressives” have been trying social experiments on the American People for more than one hundred years with disastrous results.  They sold us Prohibition as a way to free up grain for bread for soldiers and so anyone who spoke against it was against our troops.  Sound like a familiar tactic?

It’s time for the guvmint to leave us the hell alone.  We can make our own decisions about health care, about food, about salt.  And as anyone who is paying attention knows, when the guvmint gets involved in something, it is a mess.

Bowing & Hugging is the New Bowing & Scraping

It’s bad enough that Obama keeps bowing to and hugging despots and commies all over the world; he is the first US President ever to bow to foreign dignitaries.  But there is something even more unseemly going on here.  It looks truly awful that Obama bows to so many foreign WHITE people.  Honestly, it makes him look subservient and it reduces the esteem of the United States in the eyes of the World.

During the campaign, America was hoodwinked into thinking we were getting Martin Luther King, Jr.  Instead we got Stepin Fetchit and all the negative racial baggage that comes along with the image of an African American bowing and scraping to powerful white people.

It’s more than disappointing.  It’s disgusting.

Great moments in Democrat History: George Wallace Bars the “Darkies” from The Univ of AL,4828522