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This is our ABOUT US page.  We don’t do things in the normal way so we don’t want a normal ABOUT US page, either!

President Suit, Savior of the World, is a daily web blog of snarky political satire and social commentary.  We publish edgy comics and commentary.  We primarily target the Left, but don’t have much love for the Republicans. either, since they are just as guilty of getting us into this current mess.

We fearlessly accept reader comments immediately and will moderate them after they are posted.  Only spam and anything illegal or pornographic will be deleted (profane and scatological language don’t frighten us, but are usually unnecessary).  We always reply to comments.

Please feel free to “steal” these comics and send them to your friends and family and co-workers by email, post them on your website, share them via social networking sites, link to us, print them out and hang them up in your dorm, at work, or in the community to irritate our Political Elite Overlords. Print up hundreds of copies and pass them out at rallies, if you want. Just keep the copyright notice on them, don’t sell them or use them for commercial purposes and you’re good to go!

You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook, too.

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