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World-famous Ventriloquist Senor Soetero and his Puppet “El Presidente”

What does Obama think makes comedian Patton Oswalt qualified for the Supreme Court anyway?

Warning: Obama has determined that this website may be dangerous to democracy

The President’s latest thing is that all this unregulated internet speech is dangerous for democracy.  Since that’s the case, I thought I’d better make this warning to stay your hands and eyes from hellish thought crime.

Arlen Specter: no longer trusted

B’bye, Arlen Specter!

“Education is Epantsipation”: Obama at Hampton Univ May 9 2010

source:  YouTube video of Obama Commencement Speech at Hampton University May 9, 2010

TEABAGGER: A New Word from those wonderful Democrats who brought you the KKK

The Dimocrats can say anything they want about their history over the past 175 years that includes the spawning of the KKK as their enforcement arm against Republicans and freed slaves, the laws excluding Chinese women from the US, the Japanese internment camps in WWII, the Dixecrats who fought against civil rights, the Dimocrat governors like George Wallace who blocked young black men and women from attending a public university.  They can say that all those things were in  the past and they are now oh so different.  But then you see the horrible things said about Sarah Palin and her family and even the President using the disgusting sexual expression “teabagger” to ridicule not only a majority of Americans who question the direction he is taking our country but also ridicules a seminal event in our Nation’s history that led to the American Revolution. The Dimocrats have a sad history of ridicule, name calling, violence and suppression of fellow Americans. I am a former Democrat who is repulsed by what I see in their behavior.

With Obama in the WH, thank God for real heroes!


Radical Friends of Obama #9 in the Series. Hey kids, collect ’em all!

If you take your kids out for ice cream, you’ll get harassed, especially if you kill the other customers!


President Reveals the Truth About his Opposition to Arizona’s new Illegal Alien law