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I killed 20million+ of my own People, but they say Bush was the worst Leader of All Time?

joseph stalin
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Actually, I think it was more than that, but 20 million is still impressive.

FATIMA KEBAB, Spokesperson for Emirates Airlines, Speaks to the Infidel Press

With Obama in the WH, thank God for real heroes!


Radical Friends of Obama #9 in the Series. Hey kids, collect ’em all!

Heroes of the Left: Ernesto “Che” Guevara only 2,000 deaths

Compared with most of the Heroes of the Left, Che is a light-weight.  Only approximately 2,000 deaths at La Cabaña Fortress prison and in Bolivia, but he did them all the old-fashioned d0-it-yourself way.  People say he was pretty brave when he had a gun and the other person against the firing squad wall didn’t.  He even killed children, this monster that some people in Latin America inexplicably call Saint Ernesto.  The myth arose around him that he was a humanitarian who worked hard for social justice, a free thinker, but eyewitnesses tell a different story of the self-styled “Cold Killing Machine”.  There’s a good article about of this scumbag here. If you are truly a free thinker, the more you read of this self-centered, racist, homophobic murderer you will see that he is anything but a free thinker and a humanitarian.

Heroes of the Left: Josef Stalin 51,755,000 deaths


There are those who say this number is high and it was only 20,000,000 deaths.  It shouldn’t have been 1 death!

Why does the Left idealize and idolize murderers and despots?  There are so many examples of this lionization of despicable human beings.  The Left can certainly point to people on the Right who committed atrocities, but they are not revered the way the Left reveres people like Stalin, Che Guevara, Fidel & Raul Castro, Pol Pot, Mao Tse-Tung. Hugo Chavez, etc.

Where in the World is Al Gore???

Did you ever imagine that we’d live in a world where Osama Bin Laden, President Obama, Al Gore and most of Congress would agree on so-called Man-made Global Warming and that the USA is the worst offender?  The most reliable polls say it is pretty much dead last in the list of concerns of Americans, and the most recent evidence is saying that AGW is a myth and that the Earth has actually been cooling for the last ten years.  But not a day goes by that someone isn’t talking about man-made climate change even as the glaciers are increasing and there are record snowfalls around the globe, including places like Baghdad where it never snows.  The Lefties blame everything on global warming that they can’t blame on George Bush.

In case you missed it, here’s an article on bin Laden’s and Barry Sotero’s recent global warming rants:

“I’m ‘Joliet’ Jake and this is my brother Elwood. We’re on a mission from God.”

HEADLINE: Iran anniversary ‘punch’ will stun West: Khamenei

New from those wonderful folks who brought you the US Embassy Iranian Hostage Crisis:  now Iran says they’re going to punch us this week and leave us stunned.  Not to worry.  I’m sure O-Drama will appoint a blue ribbon panel to study the problem, then broadcast another infomercial about how what we really need is healthcare insurance reform.

You didn’t seriously think an agency that can’t keep bombers off planes can keep your nude pictures off the internet, did you?

Isn’t it ironic that groups like the Taliban hide their women in head-to-toe burkkas but a jihadist tries to take out a flight into Detroit and now all our women must be exposed to stranger’s eyes?  James Carville jokes about the TSA measuring his penis, but if he was the father of a ten year old girl, how would he feel about the TSA measuring parts of her body?

More than the indignity and invasion of privacy, there’s no indication that these things will actually make us safer.  There are reports that alQaeda trains jihadists in how to evade detection by using the same type of body scanners as a training tool.  Many reports say that someone with explosives sewn into their underwear (like the so-called Underwear Bomber) would not have been detected by full body scanning.

Before readers think that the creators of President Suit are over-reacting, here’s a few links to well-respected websites that have addressed these privacy concerns: