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AZ Guv Jan Brewer and Al Slim Shady Sharpton face off on illegals


President Reveals the Truth About his Opposition to Arizona’s new Illegal Alien law

Obama Protests the New AZ Illegal Alien Law

Exposing the Alinskyite Left: Mrs Wright @Wingnutte

Could this troll be any more obvious? Claiming to be a “right winger” and posting outrageous racist and homophobic tweets in a lame and pathetic attempt to discredit conservatives. Typical Alinsky tactics, but not as clever as Alinsky.

Just thought this was really hilarious! He/she/it needs to go back and reread Rules for Radicals, then try again.  Mark this pathetic attempt as FAIL! LOL ROFLMAO!!!!!!!

Earth Day Founder Involuntarily Composted his GF. Was that wrong?

Has anyone ever done a study of just how many people on the Left have been convicted of violent crimes?  The Left is always accusing the Conservative Movement of being potentially violent, but so many people on the Left have been actually violent through the last 1oo+ years.  From Sacco & Vanzetti to Stalin to Mao Tse Tung to Che Guevara to Fidel & Raul Castro to Lee Harvey Oswald to Pol Pot and on and on right up to the present day.

The guy, the so-called Unicorn Killer, killed his girlfriend Holly Maddox and put her into a trunk in his closet.  Although many on the Left say otherwise, Ira Einhorn was one of the founders of Earth Day.  How many other international special “Days” can you think of that were founded by a common murderer?

Iceland Volcanoes are not the only source of dangerous hot air

Slick Willy: Who taught you to use your Right to Free Speech?

So, here’s Slick Willy, the Great Stain-Maker, chastising Americans for expressing their opinions about this corrupt regime in Wasington, likening us all to terrorists or saying our words will incite terrorism.  What a crock of barack!

When the Leftists did it for 7 years of W., Hillary said that dissent was the highest form of patriotism.  Now that it’s us doing it, we’re terrorists!  Words fail to convey my disgust with this bloated douche!