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I’m an adult and I think I can make decisions for myself about consumption of salt and fatty foods and, for that matter, alcohol, caffeinated beverages, soda pop, sugar, tobacco products, and even illicit drugs.  I know that most of those things can have detrimental health effects and so other than the occasional consumption of a bacon cheeseburger, french fries and a beer, the worst thing I choose to do on a regular basis is drink espresso.  I don’t care if other people eat bad food, smoke (except if I have to share the same space with them), or even abuse substances.  It’s none of my business and I don’t tell them to stop doing what they are doing and would resent it if they poked their nose into whatever choices I make.

But now the Guvmint seems to believe that I am incapable of making decisions about these things and need to be protected from myself.  The latest Nanny State idea is to take salt out of food.  This is nothing new.  The so-called “progressives” have been trying social experiments on the American People for more than one hundred years with disastrous results.  They sold us Prohibition as a way to free up grain for bread for soldiers and so anyone who spoke against it was against our troops.  Sound like a familiar tactic?

It’s time for the guvmint to leave us the hell alone.  We can make our own decisions about health care, about food, about salt.  And as anyone who is paying attention knows, when the guvmint gets involved in something, it is a mess.