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Chris “Tingle Up My Legs” Matthews Reports on the Tea Party

AssHatistan, the Rock from Whence Keith Olbermann was Hewn…

Keith Olbermann doesn’t like many people.  He calls a lot of people The Worst Person in America.  He’s like crazy Mister Schultz in my old neighborhood who used to yell at kids to keep off his lawn except he was too blind to see that he hadn’t had a lawn in years.  This past week, Mr Olbermann shared with the world that he does not like Mark Rubio, who is running for Senate in Florida.  He said, “”Mr. Rubio, I am the great grandson of immigrants, as you are the son of immigrants, who came to this country for its opportunity and its freedom. And I know one thing for sure: my ancestors and yours were trying to get away from people like you.”

I’m not sure where Mr Rubio is from, but judging by Mr Olbermann’s fringe ravings over the years, I am pretty certain his ancestry hails from AssHatistan.

MSLSD Commentator Chris Matthews Accused of Making Racist Remarks about the President Just Because He Made Racist Remarks About the President