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Live Coverage from Hollywood of the First Annual Roman Polanski Day Parade

Amid jeers, Actor Danny Glover Given Dr of Humane Letters for support of Commie Regimes that kill millions

source: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2010/05/09/danny-glover-booed-not-putting-hand-over-his-heart-during-flag-ceremony, et al

Barry and Crazy Joe: The Thing with Two Heads, the Movie

It should surprise no one that political whor—er, opportunists on both sides of the aisle are trying to make hay from this disaster.  They are the ones who got us into this mess, Dems and GOP both.  But worse than their addiction to power is the fact that the American People are their enablers.  It’s all well and good that the polls are so negative on the Dems and Obama and the health care disaster NOW, but in 2008 the majority of the American People were S-O-O-O-O in love with Obama, The One!  He was the smartest, the handsomest, the coolest, the Hopey-Changey Man who would befriend our enemies, end all wars, make nuclear weapons evaporate and usher in a Utopia!  How did we ever elect a 1st term junior Senator with no business or leadership experience and a childhood spent in Indonesia and later mentored by an infamous Communist and who even wrote in his autobiography that he surrounded himself with the most radical elements on college campuses?  And now that he and his pinko friends have pushed through the most radical restructuring of American Life in more than seventy years, we expect the GOP the be our Saviors?  Where were they when Geo W Bush passed the TARP?  And when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were disasters waiting to happen, why didn’t they step up to rescue us THEN?

Sean Penn Smart. Him haz kidneez!

Sean Penn smart.  Him haz kidneez.  Him say you no like Sean Penn, you die wit rectum cancer!  Him say  you call him friend Hugo Chavez dictator you go jail, not pass GO, not collect $200.  Him say mean stuff to reporter because her ask question him not like.  Sean Penn good.  Him smart.  Him haz kidneez.

It’s been a big week for Sean Penn!  Despite not being nominated for an Oscar, he managed to appear on CBS Sunday Morning where he said that his critics should all die screaming of rectal cancer, on the same show he got to show off some professionally-produced home movies of him carrying supplies from a helicopter to a truck in Haiti (or for all we know, it was on the backlot at the movie studio since there did not appear to be any actual Haitians around or anything recognizably Haitian and most of the shots were very tight on Penn’s face), then he was a presenter at the Oscars, then he made a widely reported statement that anyone in the US media who calls Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez a dictator should be put in prison, then he may or may not have gotten into a fight with his ex wife’s new boyfriend at the post-Oscars Governors Ball (Sean Penn violent? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!), then Tara Palmeri from the Washington Examiner had the extreme gall, poor manners, sacrilege and bad taste to dare ask Mister Penn a question related to his “rectal cancer” comment earlier in the week and was given the bum’s rush away from The Great One’s stellar presence (just who does she think she is, a working journalist?), then none other than Hugo “Don’t you ever call him a dictator or I’ll have you put in jail!” Chavez gave a shout out to Penn at a rally in Caracas!


How do you top a week like that?

Penn’s a fair to middling actor whose success is either due to the mediocrity of today’s “movie stars” that someone with a modicum of talent can so easily stand above the rest, or probably more realistically it is because people in Hollywood don’t want him to beat them up so they keep telling him how wonderful he is while their eyes are darting ar0und looking for the nearest exit or policeman.  But I join with others who won’t patronize his movies because in his personal life he is against everything that I stand for.

Wasn’t there something about Penn and some other Commie movie stars setting up a movie studio for Chavez?  That sounds like a great project to keep him busy for a few years.  Sean Penn leaving the United States for an extended period of time is something I can wholeheartedly support!

A reader asked for source material about the anti-American themes in AVATAR

Here’s a few links I found in a couple minutes of googling.  The Vanity Fair interview with Cameron is particularly interesting because he makes the link himself between AVATAR and American policy in the Middle East.










JAMES CAMERON Discusses his new film AVATAR (Working title HOLLYWOOD HATES AMERICA)