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Slick Willy: Who taught you to use your Right to Free Speech?

So, here’s Slick Willy, the Great Stain-Maker, chastising Americans for expressing their opinions about this corrupt regime in Wasington, likening us all to terrorists or saying our words will incite terrorism.  What a crock of barack!

When the Leftists did it for 7 years of W., Hillary said that dissent was the highest form of patriotism.  Now that it’s us doing it, we’re terrorists!  Words fail to convey my disgust with this bloated douche!


The Duct Taping Liberty Project: An Illinois Newspaper Invites Readers to Discuss a Story about Banning the Word “retard” but Bans the Use of the Word “retard” in the Comments Section

This is political correctness run AMOK.  Discussion of the use and abuse of a word is stifled by a website that will not allow the use of the word in the discussion.  One must use r****d or “the R-word” to euphemistically describe what it is that we are discussing.  First it was the “F-bomb” and the “N-word”, now the “R-word”.  Eventually each special interest group will have the “A through Z words” as each objectionable word is shoved upstairs into society’s attic the way actual idiot children used to be (Oops!  Sorry for my use of the I-word!)

This article can be found at the link: http://www.southtownstar.com/news/2072947,022810rwordrally.article.  You can test this out until they decide to close off comments.