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Slick Willy: Who taught you to use your Right to Free Speech?

So, here’s Slick Willy, the Great Stain-Maker, chastising Americans for expressing their opinions about this corrupt regime in Wasington, likening us all to terrorists or saying our words will incite terrorism.  What a crock of barack!

When the Leftists did it for 7 years of W., Hillary said that dissent was the highest form of patriotism.  Now that it’s us doing it, we’re terrorists!  Words fail to convey my disgust with this bloated douche!

Prez Suit presents Dumbocrat Heroes of Healthcare






Rep Henry Waxman Declares War on American Business

Henry Waxman’s Latest Show Trial

Obama: After I signed the bill, I didn’t see any asteroids falling

STUPAK: Doesn’t that word usually end in -ID?

John McCain is sleepy…

Yeah, yeah, I get it…John McCain, war hero; John McCain, maverick; John McCain, Congressman and then Senator since 1982; John McCain, blah, blah, blah. We heard it all throughout his insipid Presidential campaign and now he’s John McCain, Presidential loser and Senatorial incumbent. I remember him during the campaign telling the woman who was worried about Obama’s leftwing leanings not to worry, that Obama is a fine and decent man. Maybe he can retire and become a car salesman: “Sure, you can buy one of my cars, but right across the street there is a fine and decent Mercedes dealership. Why not take a test drive and see what you think.” I only voted for him because I did not want the Marxist Cipher as President, but all things being equal I thought he was the weakest Presidential candidate I ever cast a ballot for.

Please, Arizona voters! 28 years in Congress is 16 years too many! Retire this clueless, boring and ineffectual man and get someone, anyone, Democrat or Republican who will be accountable to the People. We need term limits and since these tired aristocrats won’t vote for them, it’s time to enforce term limits ourselves. Joe the Plumber’s turned his back on McCain, and so should the rest of us. He let us down terribly with his awful, scatter shot Presidential campaign and he should do the decent thing and lose another election and just go home…