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Approval Ratings: Not What Obama Was Expecting

For someone who was treated as the pampered golden boy since childhood, it must be really hard for the Prez to look at his falling approval ratings and realize he is on his way to becoming the most hated US President in history. Maybe if he was President of Venezuela or Kenya, he could just make pronouncements and ram policies down the People’s throats, but Americans are not willing to swallow this Statist crap without a fight. He made the same mistake all enemies of the American Way have made: he underestimated us. Americans were so sick of seven years of war and fearful of what happened when the subprime mortgages went bust that they wanted someone who would give them something different. And this guy promised us something different and became the biggest bait and switch scam in US history. I don’t blame people who voted for him; they just wanted something better. But I lay the blame on the man himself, Senator Thin Skin as the NY Slimes called him a few years back, and on the radicals he surrounded himself with. In his book, he said he surrounded himself with the most radical elements on the college campuses he attended and he continued that when he launched his political career. Conservatives knew this about him and everyone else ignored this side of him. I hope they will be more aware in the next election and in every election for the rest of their lives.


President Suit 9-1-09 A visit from Ted


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