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Bowing & Hugging is the New Bowing & Scraping

It’s bad enough that Obama keeps bowing to and hugging despots and commies all over the world; he is the first US President ever to bow to foreign dignitaries.  But there is something even more unseemly going on here.  It looks truly awful that Obama bows to so many foreign WHITE people.  Honestly, it makes him look subservient and it reduces the esteem of the United States in the eyes of the World.

During the campaign, America was hoodwinked into thinking we were getting Martin Luther King, Jr.  Instead we got Stepin Fetchit and all the negative racial baggage that comes along with the image of an African American bowing and scraping to powerful white people.

It’s more than disappointing.  It’s disgusting.



SYCACUSE: Obama Rewrites the Map of NY State

This is an unretouched screenshot of Obama’s appearance on Good Morning America filling out the March Madness brackets on live TV.  Of course, the real March Madness is that while FOX News actually did a tough and revealing interview with The One this week, the rest of the drive by media is still doing fluff pieces on him.

It’s Been a Great Week for the President!

Updated 3-7-10:  So, this week’s episode of the Prez has been up for a few days and so far it’s been seen by a few hudred people according to the stats and only one person privately emailed me and asked “Why is he smoking and what’s with all the liquor bottles in the White House?”  Exactly!  What is up with that?

To step away from my fictional character President Empty Suit (brother of Law, Monkey, and Zoot, by the way) and talk about the actual real life President Suit, one Barry Soetero AKA Barack Hussein Obama (brother of Mark Obama Ndesandjo and George Hussein Onyango Obama, the one that lives in a shack in Kenya where President Obama was not born despite his Kenyan grandmother saying he was born there, the Kenyan Ambassador to the US saying he as born there), this week he had a physical and his doctors told him to stop smoking and moderate his alcohol intake.  Remember when during the campaign anyone who showed The One smoking or talked about his smoking was called a racist?  Well, I do.  But now we find out that Barry not only broke his promise to his wife that he would stop smoking once he was in the White House, we find out that his doctors are concerned enough about his liver profile that they’ve told him to slow down on the drinking.

Was this ever mentioned before?  Well, yeah.  Barry wrote about this himself in his book, that he used various drugs as a youth, but we were assured that was all over now.  Maybe there’s no more cannabis or cocaine or other illicit substances (that we know of, since there is no indication a tox screen was done), but apparently The Bama loves to tipple, enough so that his doctors are concerned.

Have Presidents smoked and consumed alcohol in the White House before?  Sure, they have.  They’ve done worse than that.  But if the current Prez is drinking enough that his doctors are concerned, who is running the country when he’s three sheets to the wind?  For the man who presented himself as The Amazing Transparent Man, he sure has not been very forthcoming about his love of Ethyl.

“I’m ‘Joliet’ Jake and this is my brother Elwood. We’re on a mission from God.”