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Al Sharpton Rallies with the Illegals while Waiting for Someone to Pay Him to Leave Arizona

source of Al’s Statement that after dark we all look like Mexicans

First of all, who elected Al “Tuwana Brawley Hoax” Sharpton as the representative of the illegal aliens in Arizona or anywhere else, for that matter?  Second, here are people who say they should be accepted as just as good as anyone else and how dare the people of Arizona insist that people who trespass in their state should be treated as criminals.  And how do they prove they are fine, upstanding citizens?  By property damage, rioting, smearing swastikas in refried beans and feces on the Arizona State House, calling elected officials Nazis, calling for acts of violence against the police, marching through the streets carrying foreign flags, committing even more criminal acts!  As they say in the military, WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT?????


FATIMA KEBAB, Spokesperson for Emirates Airlines, Speaks to the Infidel Press

If you take your kids out for ice cream, you’ll get harassed, especially if you kill the other customers!


AZ Guv Jan Brewer and Al Slim Shady Sharpton face off on illegals

President Reveals the Truth About his Opposition to Arizona’s new Illegal Alien law

Exposing the Alinskyite Left: Mrs Wright @Wingnutte

Could this troll be any more obvious? Claiming to be a “right winger” and posting outrageous racist and homophobic tweets in a lame and pathetic attempt to discredit conservatives. Typical Alinsky tactics, but not as clever as Alinsky.

Just thought this was really hilarious! He/she/it needs to go back and reread Rules for Radicals, then try again.  Mark this pathetic attempt as FAIL! LOL ROFLMAO!!!!!!!

In just 15 minutes you can eat an entire gecko!

Certainly one of the weirder stories of 2010 is the voice-over guy for GEICO Insurance being fired for allegedly making a phone call to Freedomworks, a group associated with the Tea Party asking them how many “mentally retarded” people work there and “what will you do when someone from Freedomworks killed someone?”

At first I was afraid that this guy was the voice of the Gecko, but it’s just the guy who reads the tag “Just 15 minutes could save you…” you know the rest.  I like the Gecko.  I also like the Cavemen.  Their TV show sucked, but their commercials are great!

GEICO has been boycotting the Glenn Beck Show after being pressured by Leftist groups.  Maybe this sensible firing is an indication they are starting to wake up like the rest of the American People.