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I killed 20million+ of my own People, but they say Bush was the worst Leader of All Time?

joseph stalin
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Actually, I think it was more than that, but 20 million is still impressive.


Amid jeers, Actor Danny Glover Given Dr of Humane Letters for support of Commie Regimes that kill millions

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Heroes of the Left: Ernesto “Che” Guevara only 2,000 deaths

Compared with most of the Heroes of the Left, Che is a light-weight.  Only approximately 2,000 deaths at La Cabaña Fortress prison and in Bolivia, but he did them all the old-fashioned d0-it-yourself way.  People say he was pretty brave when he had a gun and the other person against the firing squad wall didn’t.  He even killed children, this monster that some people in Latin America inexplicably call Saint Ernesto.  The myth arose around him that he was a humanitarian who worked hard for social justice, a free thinker, but eyewitnesses tell a different story of the self-styled “Cold Killing Machine”.  There’s a good article about of this scumbag here. If you are truly a free thinker, the more you read of this self-centered, racist, homophobic murderer you will see that he is anything but a free thinker and a humanitarian.

Heroes of the Left: Mao Zedong 61,700,000 deaths

In America, we get all excited over serial killers like Ted Bundy and the Hillside Strangler, but they are rank amateurs next to the Heroes of the Left.  Chairman Mao is universally acclaimed as the top murderer of all time with somewhere around 62 million unnatural deaths committed by him, ordered by him, or as a direct result of his policies.  He, like many communist Heroes of the Left, turned murder into a national industry.  It gives the phrase “gross domestic product” a new spin.