Exposing the Alinskyite Left: Mrs Wright @Wingnutte

Could this troll be any more obvious? Claiming to be a “right winger” and posting outrageous racist and homophobic tweets in a lame and pathetic attempt to discredit conservatives. Typical Alinsky tactics, but not as clever as Alinsky.

Just thought this was really hilarious! He/she/it needs to go back and reread Rules for Radicals, then try again.  Mark this pathetic attempt as FAIL! LOL ROFLMAO!!!!!!!


3 responses to “Exposing the Alinskyite Left: Mrs Wright @Wingnutte

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  2. So detective, I must learn–how did you figure that out?

  3. I for one am appalled by this behavior. I have interacted with this woman before and agreed with much of what she was saying. Now to find out she is a troll, I am extremely dismayed.

    Nate Peele

    Prez Suit replies: Yeh. Uh-huh. Thanks for trying. It only took me two minutes on Google to confirm my suspicion that you and @wingnutte are the same person. I’m sure you and your Proggie friends think you’re very cute. Please enjoy your FAIL.

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