Bowing & Hugging is the New Bowing & Scraping

It’s bad enough that Obama keeps bowing to and hugging despots and commies all over the world; he is the first US President ever to bow to foreign dignitaries.  But there is something even more unseemly going on here.  It looks truly awful that Obama bows to so many foreign WHITE people.  Honestly, it makes him look subservient and it reduces the esteem of the United States in the eyes of the World.

During the campaign, America was hoodwinked into thinking we were getting Martin Luther King, Jr.  Instead we got Stepin Fetchit and all the negative racial baggage that comes along with the image of an African American bowing and scraping to powerful white people.

It’s more than disappointing.  It’s disgusting.

One response to “Bowing & Hugging is the New Bowing & Scraping

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