Prez Suit presents Dumbocrat Heroes of Healthcare


6 responses to “Prez Suit presents Dumbocrat Heroes of Healthcare

  1. It’s Comic Sans MS which come standard on most graphic programs. The Drop Shadow font on this week’s title HEROES OF HEALTHCARE is Lithos Pro. The title font I set up awhile back but I think it’s Garamond. Do you have a web comic? If you do, I’ll follow it. 🙂

  2. suckmydickandballsbarack

    love this one! great work. i forwarded this one to my friends and coworkers (and to some family members, but who knows if they’ll ever listen to reason!). have you considered submitting your comics to any online conservative newsletters? probably a good way to spread the word, and get your point across to more readers!
    here’s a couple links that may help: (hehe don’t worry it’s not actually based in france)

    let me know what you think! and good luck with your future comics, i’m looking forward to them 🙂

  3. suckmydickandballsbarack

    i really like your work, have you considered submitting it to any online newsletters? ive been forwarding some of your comics to my friends but if you showed the editors of conservative newsletters your work, you might be able to spread the word better! heres a couple links to get you started: (lol dont worry not actually based in france) (this is my personal favorite, really does a good job of showing that just because an idea or ideology is considered “old” or “outdated” doesn’t mean it still can’t have a positive affect!!)

    keep up the good work!

  4. suckmydickandballsbarack

    what font do you use for your comic? and where can i find it.

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