News from Switzerland, Land of Chocolate, Clocks and Nazi Gold: Today, Animals Get their Day in Court; Tomorrow, Voting and Inter-special Marriage!

If I didn’t see it in the Wall Street Journal, I would have thought I was reading The Onion!  The Swiss are voting today on whether to allow public defenders to represent animals in court.  One enterprising Swiss Attorney, Antoine Goetschel, already represented a pike in court in a case of wrongful death and needless suffering at the hands of a fisherman, but he lost.

Once a nation confers the right to their day in court to animals, can inter-special marriage be far behind.  Oh, scoff if you will!  But last year a woman in Paris married the Eiffel Tower.  And as a young sailor in Tijuana, I once beheld the tender love of a man and a burro (but that is a story for another day).  Who can explain the mysteries of love?  As Woody Allen said in Time Magazine when he married his children’s adoptive sister, “The heart wants what it wants.”

By the way, in that same 1992 Time Magazine article, Woody had a very involved and complicated explanation of why he really wasn’t marrying someone who was practically his daughter.  It’s almost as funny as the traditional country song I’m my own Grandpa!


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