Hey, Dalai! Don’t trip over the garbage!

In his continuing efforts to treat every world leader like garbage except those that are Muslim or Commies, this week Obama met with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet and made him walk out the back door of the White House past the garbage. Although the Dalai Lama said it did not bother him that his meeting with Obama was low-key, I’m sure the symbolism of His Holiness stepping over bags of garbage was not lost on our Chinese Overlords, who are very big on symbolism.

Obama bows to the Saudi King and hugs Hugo Chavez, but treats the Brit PM to a pile of cheap public domain DVDs that won’t even play in the UK and gives the bum’s rush to the spiritual leader of most of the world’s Buddhists. It’s shameful!


One response to “Hey, Dalai! Don’t trip over the garbage!

  1. Hey, isn’t that Obama’s copy of the Constitution in that bag over there? That explains where our liberties have gone as well. http://clockworkconservative.wordpress.com/

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